Chimney Sweeping (from £40)


We are able to sweep the flues of all appliances, including stoves and kitchen ranges, running on any fuel type.

We first take careful measures to prevent soot and dust escaping into your room, before using specialist Rodtech brushes and rods to power sweep your flue.  We then remove the swept material using an industrial vacuum.


Servicing Stoves (from £20)


We can clean and service most models of wood burning and multifuel stove, including replacing door glass, firebricks and sealing ropes.  Please contact us for an individual quotation on your stove.


CCTV Inspections (from £40)


Using our specialist equipment we can carry out a video inspection of your flue’s interior, to check for excessive tar build up, reveal any obvious defects and investigate blockages.  If required, we can also provide you with a written report and a copy of the video.


Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms


We supply and fit carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, which are a good idea for every home and mandatory in rented properties.  We can also carry out the annual test of their sensors, using CO spray and special smoke matches, as reccommended by the manufacturers.


Removal of birds' nests (from £50)


When birds (usually jackdaws) nest in a chimney they will first block it, with substantial quantities of sticks and other material, to create a stable base.  It is illegal to interfere with a nest whilst in use but, once the birds have flown, we can use a special tool to break it up and then remove the resultant debris.


Other Services


We are also able to supply and fit reusable chimney balloons (which are used to prevent drafts when a fire is not in use), replacement chimney pots, chimney cowls and bird guards. 


Safety and General Advice


We can provide you with advice on the recommissioning of disused chimneys, the fitting of cowls and bird protectors and general safety precautions, for appliances running on solid fuels.




If you would like a 'lucky sweep' to attend your nuptials (we put on our traditional togs, including top hat and tails) please give us a call to discuss your requirements.